“By spending the time to get to know us upfront and going the extra mile in terms of execution, the people at Edgewood really helped bring Category Management alive for our organization.” – John Barry
Former Vice President,
Sales Strategy and
Trade Planning,
Johnson & Johnson

Category Management

Category Management is the driving force in winning at the “moment of truth”. Assortment, Shelving, Promotion and Pricing are the levers that must be optimized to win. As the amount of information grows, Category Management can become an even bigger competitive advantage including the need to analyze, synthesize, and generate innovative and actionable strategies and tactics that maximize sales and satisfy shopper needs.

Over the last 15 years, Edgewood Consulting has provided Category Management support and shopper-based, retailer-targeted solutions in over 50 categories. But just don’t take our word for it; see what the industry is saying. We are especially proud that Edgewood Consulting has received 90 Progressive Grocer Category Captain Awards for our clients in the past 12 years for excellence in Category Management that generates results.

Although many of our processes and approaches are proprietary, they have been developed within the traditional construct of Category Management:

Assortment – the first step in a manufacturer’s Category Management engagement is establishing the right items a retailer should carry based on shopper needs, category strategy, and retailer objectives. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the optimal approach incorporates strategic inputs and data to fuel the analytics supporting the assortment. Based on this experience, we created AssortmentEdge®the industry’s leading-edge variety duplication process and technology solution.

Shelving – industry studies have identified that a shopper’s “moment of decision” typically happens at the shelf. Shelf optimization includes configuration of the set, adjacencies, space allocation and location for individual categories and across the store. We have extensive experience in developing actionable solutions from simulated shelf tests and in-store intercepts to fielding multi-dimensional control store tests with retailers.

Promotion – applying the right type of processes, tools and analytical rigor allows clients to take trade promotion from the “black hole” of spending to a shopper-centric growth driver. Through the use of our proprietary
Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO℠) process, Edgewood Consulting has successfully guided the development of spending plans for over 35 brands, accounting for over $1.0bn in trade investment.

Pricing – the Edgewood Consulting approach to Price optimization leverages advanced price elasticity analytics and economic theory in a user-friendly way. Our technology solution, PricingEdge®, incorporates key pricing insights and facilitates execution of critical findings on a retailer-specific basis.