PrecisionEdge™ Targeted Solutions

Edgewood Consulting combines ‘big data’ with advanced analytics to focus on your:

Our process starts with the client’s objectives and then applies predictive analytics utilizing store level datasets to revolutionize your Category Management and Shopper Marketing.

Precision insights and targeting that ultimately drive results.


PrecisionEdge™ enables you to:

  • Understand the shopper targets, stores and timing that matter
  • Identify the key variables that drive your product and promotion performance
  • Optimize promotions down to store level
  • Tailor your assortments to shopper targets and store clusters
  • Customize your promotion and shopper marketing events
  • Prioritize your new product launch by location and timing

A revolutionary approach:

  • Built for CPG – insights on your shoppers, your brands, your stores
  • Turnkey service – actionable programs you can use it right away