“As competition intensifies and consumer shopping behaviors evolve, the need for actionable strategies and tactics is increasingly apparent. Edgewood has provided very strong support in this area.” – Mike Dermo,
Vice President Retail Sales,

Competitive Strategy

The competitive landscape is more challenging than ever with the Omni-Channel consumer expecting to use mobile, internet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar not to mention traditional media seamlessly.

As a result, Competitive Strategy is more important than ever to win in both the short and long term. Our clients must establish a competitive advantage through a distinctive way of competing. Each brand must identify and chose a unique value proposition that your competition cannot or will not match.

Edgewood Consulting has significant experience in helping clients develop the necessary strategies, processes and implementation plans to differentiate and win. The first step is to identify your over-riding business objective: Defend, Develop or Diversify?


As part of that process, we employ a range of effective strategies to secure information on market dynamics. This includes perspective on historical products, current competitor activity, competitive tendencies and international developments, all of which provides important insights for competitive strategy development.

marketplace-industry-benefit-marblesCompetitive Strategy supports your company’s objectives by helping you develop a differentiated and sustainable
competitive position

  • Find the “white space” for growth
  • Differentiate your brand/products
  • Develop “game-changing” strategies
  • Defend your brand/business when it is attacked by direct or indirect competition
  • Utilize “Pre-emptive Category Management” to create your own future
  • Enhance the in-store brand experience