In the News

Our associates are often quoted in relevant and interesting articles across a variety of magazines.

“Maximizing Speed to Market”

In a recent Retail Leader article “Maximizing Speed to Market”, both John Ferramosca and Israel Rodriguez contributed with insights from Edgewood’s Speed to Market practice and landmark white paper on the topic of how important speed to market is for new products. Faster speed on new products brings substantial benefits to retailers not only in terms of increased sales but also increased retail banner equity ratings. Edgewood explains some of the principles that help bring products to market faster.

“Making the Grade”

In a recent Progressive Grocer article “Making the Grade,” both John Ferramosca and Israel Rodriguez were quoted discussing the successes and failures of new products; “Some categories, such as nutritional supplements, are driven by fads. Category managers must stay on top of them. “Gummy vitamins and vitamin D are really hot now,” says John Ferramosca, principal at Edgewood Consulting, Parsippany, N.J. “The question is, what is the next gummy?”


Jeff Rehling was the keynote speaker at a recent GMDC conference, where he discussed the importance of building customer loyalty, with a focus on the pharmacy shopper. In the Drug Store News article “GMDC presentation ‘LINCs’ retail pharmacy to patient loyalists” Jeff was quoted saying, “If every shopper bought one or more items when picking up their prescription, it would mean $4.8 billion more in sales across the country.”

“Mutual Benefits”

Israel Rodriguez wrote an article for the Progressive Grocer called “Mutual Benefits.” In this article he illustrates the importance of assortment optimization as it pertains to effective shopper marketing strategies. Too often we get lost in the speed of technological advancements that we cannot understand how to use them to make categories more efficient to shoppers.