PrecisionEdge™ Targeted Solutions

Edgewood Consulting combines ‘big data’ with advanced analytics to focus on your:

  • Shoppers
  • Stores
  • Timing

Value Channel (Dollar Stores) Enjoy Unprecedented Growth

One retail channel that has enjoyed the biggest success in this protracted economic downturn is the dollar store.  This was once the niche bastion of the economically disadvantaged, and is now visited by nearly 40% of US Households.

Rapid Mobilization Capability is critical to enhancing your strategic and financial ROI.

In a study recently completed by Edgewood, we found that Speed to Shelf is a key success factor that significantly builds retail sales and retail equity! The study uncovered that best-practice companies/stores can be 13 weeks faster than competitors in achieving quality retail distribution of new products! The key is to apply “Rapid Mobilization” principles to your new product launches.

Doing More with Less…

Back when I was a Brand Manager, I was fortunate to be running a #1 Brand that was profitable and growing. Then one spring morning the phone calls started… from our sales force, asking which SKUs from our product line I suggested delisting!?! We learned that the hot topic at that year’s FMI conference was: reducing SKU clutter. I assured Sales that our line-up was solid, but delistings ensued anyway, and sales declined for our Brand, the category, and for retailers. We rectified the situation, and learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes, less is just… less.

Consumer Insights? Customer Insights? Shopper Insights!

Insight, in the American Heritage® Dictionary, is defined as “the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation.” As manufacturers and retailers seek to differentiate and grow in today’s highly competitive marketplace, there may not be a more important and unifying factor than insights…knowledge about the critical attitudes and steps taken in the purchase of a product.