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GMDC Conference


GMDC’s marketing conferences provide the industry’s most cost-effective and
time-efficient format for connecting with the largest cross-section of the GM and HBW industries.

For the past two years, Jeff Rehling was the keynote speaker at these conferences.

He addressed the importance of creating Health & Wellness strategies at retail to better connect with consumers. During the September 2013 conference, Jeff linked Health & Wellness to the pharmacy business and focused on the drivers of pharmacy shopping.

Burke Institute and Edgewood Consulting Seminar: Shopper Marketing: Insights, Innovation & Implementation


The focus of this two-day seminar is to provide a foundation and framework for developing a strong shopper marketing discipline and shopper insights program to support it. You will learn:

  • Best practices for the development of a shopper marketing framework
  • How alternate perspectives (manufacturer vs. retailer, brand vs. sales) can impact shopper marketing language, needs, interests and program acceptance among key stakeholders
  • The best research tools to use and the questions to ask in order to build a strong foundation of key shopper insights such as shopper habits and practices, path to purchase and decision drivers
  • The strategy and tactics behind building an effective retailer/manufacturer partnership that can help ensure successful program execution
  • Practical implementation guidelines for retailers and manufacturers