Careers / Internships

Edgewood Consulting is a dynamic and growing company that is always looking for people who love strategy and implementation, are good at it, and have a proven track record of significant accomplishments. We are also looking for people who fit our core values:

  1. Integrity – intellectual honesty and fairness with each other and our clients.
  2. Pride – work hard and have fun generating competitive advantage for us, our clients and their retail partners. Take pride and ownership for their success stories.
  3. Fact-Based – “A – I – S – L – E” rigorous approach to projects: Analysis, Insights, Strategic synthesis, Leverage, Excellent execution made easy.
  4. Learn – there are no dumb questions, just ask. Also, take personal responsibility and initiative to educate yourself and blaze a trail to thought leadership.
  5. Solve – speak up to identify problems as you see them but be ready with a solution as well! Be proactive. Home-Run Results – swing for the fences.
  6. Fun – we should be having fun. (If not, see #5)

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